Kernel Installation Guide

Kernel Installation Guide

Downloading the Kernel

  1. Download kernel version 2.6.36 to the appropriate
    directory. If
    you just plan to install or upgrade the kernel running on your machine,
    the appropriate directory is /usr/src/. If you are going to be hacking
    this kernel, download to somewhere like your home directory.

    tar xzvf linux-2.6.36.tar.gz

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Game Development With Phaser.js – “Hello World”

As every coding tutorial starts with a “Hello World” example, we’ll also follow the same. Our first tutorial on game development with phajer.js will be a “Hello World” example and a little extension over that to make you familiarize with basic functions of phaser.js. All our source code will be available in github. Continue reading “Game Development With Phaser.js – “Hello World””