Game Development Using Phaser.JS

This is a complete beginners tutorial for anyone who want to learn game development. In this tutorial we’ll learn cross platform game development using phaser.js which is a JavaScript library for developing game. This library provides all game related APIs like physics, animation, sound, input etc. Using this library it is very easy to develop cross platform mobile games. There are a lot of example in phaser.js website which will be very helpful for beginners. A lot of example on this tutorial is developed with the help of those examples. This tutorial only serves to explain some basic stuffs which will help you to understand those examples in a better way. With this knowledge and with the help of phaser.js, I believe you’ll be able to develop cool games and upload it to play store.


This tutorial expects you to have some basic knowledge of JavaScript. Knowledge of dependency management tool like npm and bower is encouraged, but won’t stop us from following the tutorials. HTML and CSS are not mandatory but will definitely help.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Hello World Example
  3. Intro to Physics API
  4. and many more coming …