Virtual Serial Connection Between Two QEMU VM

If you are a Linux user for your most of the research work and you come upon the task of debugging Windows kernel, but don’t want to switch to a Windows platform for that, QEMU can help you. We can create a virtual serial connection between two QEMU VM. One VM acts as the debugger and the other as debugee, and the virtual connection between them act as the communication channel. Continue reading “Virtual Serial Connection Between Two QEMU VM”

Kernel Debugging Using GDB & QEMU

The effect of a bug in the kernel is catastrophic and may lead to system crash. Kernel debugging is an important step for kernel developers to find out bugs or debugging kernel execution. Many developers use virtual machine while working on kernel level. QEMU is a famous virtualization tool among the kernel developers. In this tutorial we’ll learn kernel debugging using GDB and QEMU. We’ll use QEMU to run our guest kernel(the one to debug) and in the host machine we’ll run GDB which will connect to QEMU. I’ll use 32-bit Ubuntu-12.04 kernel in this tutorial. Continue reading “Kernel Debugging Using GDB & QEMU”